The Battle Between The "I Was Helped/Hurt By Obamacare" Snowflakes

Since the presidential election, Trump supporters and non-supporters have accused one another of being Snowflakes, or overly sensitive. However, recently the term Snowflake is used increasingly to describe Trump supporters. Countless articles in liberal and conservative media publications warn about the dangers of referring to all Trump supporters as racists, misogynists or uninformed. They claim that these negative characterizations are starting to backfire and result in Trump supporters clinging to him even more.

And many Trump voters admit that they are completely turned off by liberal attacks and hurtful characterizations. Not surprisingly, Trump non-supporters refuse to alter their depiction of Trump voters. They find their characterization of Trump voters accurate and their feelings not worth protecting given the potential harm a Trump Administration can cause. Add to this war of words the contentious issue of affordable health insurance and health care, and you get a mini battle between people that claim Obamacare helped them versus people who claim it hurt them. Both camps have its share of Snowflakes with the "Help" combatants referring to the "Hurt" combatants as selfish and heartless, and the "Hurt" section referring to the "Help" warriors as smug.

The "Hurt" group desperately wants to explain its objections to government-mandated health insurance. They don't like being forced to pay higher premiums than they otherwise would to subsidize health insurance for people who can't afford it. Some in this group don't want to subsidize anyone's insurance but most object to subsidizing people they characterize as able-bodied adults who made bad life decisions. A typical social media thread between the two groups has traces of the culture war happening between Republicans and Democrats.

(This is a real, abbreviated thread from a health care Facebook group. I purposefully exclude the name of the group and the contributors):

Hurt or Just Don’t Support Obamacare: "Liberals pretend they care about other people, but as soon as people say that a program they champion is causing harm, they accuse them of being too stupid to understand that they are better off."

Helped or Happy That Others Were Helped by Obamacare: "I have thought that the ACA is hurting some Americans. I would like to help people who were hurt by the ACA, but not by hurting the people who were helped. 'I want my cheap insurance, screw you, cancer person' is not the philosophy I espouse."

These two posters never reach a middle ground, but one thing they share is the strong personal feelings about the other's reaction to their opposing point of view. This type of back and forth between Obamacare defenders would be comical if health insurance and health care were not such important issues that are under attack from the biggest, town hall avoiding Snowflakes of all, Republican lawmakers.

Paul Ryan, Tom Price and the rest of the GOP are the biggest whiners in the "Hurt" by Obamacare camp. More accurately, they lead the 'just don't support Obamacare' faction. They want to replace government mandates and subsidies for health insurance with the inadequate market-based insurance that was available before Obamacare. But instead of educating their base on what market insurance represents, which is a limited level of coverage based on individual risk, they call it freedom. And it is a better deal than Obamacare if you never suffer a major illness or injury. But if you do get sick or injured, you will miss the social insurance components of Obamacare.

The GOP, I don't support Obamacare Snowflakes want to focus on the cost of the Obamacare essential benefits, but they don't warn their base that there is a cost associated with a reduction in benefits that may be greater than any mandated benefits.

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