Working With Salary Information Can Drive You Crazy


As an employee benefit professional you have access to your organization's salary data. You will use this data to prepare compensation and benefits statements, perform nondiscrimination testing, determine life insurance costs and more. Having this information is an essential part of your job, but knowing it can cause you problems.

Every benefit professional struggles with knowing how much his or her colleagues make. We make judgment calls about who deserves to make a certain salary. And we make these judgments based on what we think we should make in relation to every other employee. You see we benefits professionals usually have at least a Bachelor’s degree and good technical skills. And we think we are as intelligent and capable, if not more, than anyone else. So to see others who we do not consider as bright make so much more than we do, can have a negative effect, if we let it.

How Not To Lose Your Head Over Salaries

Not all benefit professionals lose their minds when evaluating employee salary data. Those who do not, do the following and so should you:

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