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Information Privacy

Health Information Privacy and Security Mishaps May Be Your Fault Benefits Pro


The federal government takes the privacy and protection of healthcare information very seriously. There are several laws to protect an individual’s private medical information. Chief among them is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy, Security and Breach Notification Rules. These Rules control the use and disclosure of certain health information kept by insurers, employers, medical providers, third part administrators and other groups.

As a top employee benefit pro you are aware of these laws, but chances are you routinely violate them for several reasons.
  • You have a general but not specific understanding of the laws regulating the treatment of health care information
  • You don’t have a Health Information Procedures Manual
  • You don’t receive regular training or legal updates
  • You use internal IT systems that are not in full compliance with these laws
  • You don’t request a signed release/authorization when assisting with an insurance claim issue
  • You leave private information out in the open for anyone to view
  • You don’t lock up your files
Or maybe it is some other reason, like… You Talk Too Much Benefits Pro.

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