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HR Competence

Human Resources and Employee Benefit Pros Must Protect Their Credibility

Human Resource professionals are the butt of many jokes. And sometimes we are also the targets of professional criticism. Jokes can serve as a reminder to not take things too seriously. Professional criticism on the other hand is something entirely different. When someone suggests that HR pros are incapable, we must defend our competence. And benefit pros need to understand that despite the technical nature of the information they manage, their expertise is also subject to scrutiny, especially at this time of year.

Given the many unpopular changes that can occur during benefits open enrollment, including premium increases, the last thing HR and benefit professionals want to get wrong are their numbers. Unfortunately, many HR departments do get the numbers wrong. Sometimes it is a simple mathematical error in calculating the employee's share of the new premiums. Sometimes it is a generalization about Increases that should be more specific. Both situations provide validation to HR critics that HR and benefit professionals lack mathematical and analytical skills.
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