Digital Socializing and Related Apps

If you think digital socializing is ruining the world, chances are you are in the minority. Communicating with "friends" and family via FaceTime, Facebook, text messaging, or email is the only way to go for some folks. Seriously, people will send you a text message while they are standing right in front of you! Weird? Yes. Ruinous? Probably not.

Well, regardless of your feelings about whether digital socializing is good or bad, if you want to be a part of the social scene, you are going to have to board this train.

Some of the digital socializing usual suspects include, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TripAdvisor, Craigslist, and Meetup. A few other socializing related apps worth checking out include:

Mobile Socializing iPad, iPhone and iPod/iPod Touch Apps
  • VolunteerMatch – (Database that lets you search available volunteer opportunities in your geographic area) by VolunteerMatch.
    Price: $Free
  • Where(Helps you find places to go based on your current location) by Where, Inc.
    Price: $Free

Mobile Socializing Android Apps
  • Goby – (Helps you find things to do with your free time) by Goby Technologies.
    Price: $Free
  • Pickup Sports – (Helps you find sports, fitness, and workout partners in your area) by Paschar, LLC.
    Price: $Free
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