Alcohol Drinking Apps

Scientists agree that drinking alcohol in moderation can be good for your health. However, drinking alcohol can be much more expensive than drinking water or soft drinks, which makes drinking in moderation extra important. Fortunately, there are easy to follow guidelines to keep your drinking at a moderate level. And, there are easy to use mobile apps to help you track your drinks and their costs.

Mobile Alcohol Drinking iPad, iPhone and iPod/iPod Touch Apps
  • DrinkControl Lite – (Track alcoholic drinks consumed and their costs. Lets you compare day-to-day drinking tendencies with the moderate drinking guidelines of leading international health organizations) by Happy Moments.
    Price: $Free
  • DrinkTracker(Track your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) with this personal breathalyzer simulator and BAC calculator app. Create a personal profile, including gender, age, height, and weight and activate at the start of a drinking session) by Slappmedotcom Pty Ltd.
    Price: $1.99

Mobile Alcohol Drinking Android Apps
  • AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker – (Tracks alcohol consumption and includes a drinks diary and blood alcohol content calculator. AlcoDroid helps you get a better handle of what you drink and change your drinking habits. Optionally, it also tracks costs of your drinks) by Myrecek.
    Price: $Free
  • 100Proof – (Provides information about how much your drinking habits take away or add to your life span) by
    Price: $Free Trial
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